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Clayton Perlman: Working in a Professional Environment

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New Jersey resident Clayton Perlman appreciates the challenges many face when working within a professional organization – those which can test even the most prepared, innovative or diligent professionals. A member of the New Jersey community since 2005, Perlman also knows how hard it can often be for many to navigate in today’s business environment – though he also appreciates the value of hard work when it comes to being prepared for any obstacles thrown the professional’s way.

As Clayton Perlman is aware, demonstrating one’s worth to a company – and doing so effectively – can be better accomplished through a business environment that places value on:

· Open, clear communication. An environment where ideas, goals and expectations are clearly conveyed and understood is key to any business operation – as well as to employee performance. Clear communication ensures employees are on the same page in terms of organizational objectives, but also works to engender a sense of trust and accountability among employees – something that most often leads to better results.

· A dynamic, open work atmosphere. Nurturing a work atmosphere where ideas are valued and innovation is encouraged allows employees a higher level of flexibility and adaptation – that which is essential to evolving with ever-changing market conditions and keeping up with the evolving demands of business customers.

· Leadership and accountability. It may seem cliché and obvious, but effective, accountable leadership is key to keeping any professional team focused and on course – to providing employees the direction they need to overcome obstacles and keep their eyes on the prize.

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