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Clayton Perlman: Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Barking

Clayton Perlman has an affinity for dogs – a love of man’s best friend he has had from early on in childhood. A longtime dog owner and furry friend enthusiast, Perlman enjoys little more than the warmth and companionship a loyal, lovable canine can offer – a rewarding relationship that has provided Perlman happiness regardless of the challenges or experiences he’s undergone throughout his life.


As a dog lover, Clayton Perlman appreciates how much fun it can be to spend time with your favorite four-legged pals. He also understands that many dogs are prone to excessive barking. And when such a habit is left untended, it can become far more than a nuisance – driving many of us and our families up the wall in search of a viable solution.


Tips for reducing excessive barking include:


• Privacy fencing. Often times a dog’s barking is triggered by movement (people walking by, traffic rolling past your home, etc.). In such a case, the installation of privacy fencing may be all that is needed to mitigate the barking and save your sanity.


• Quiet zone set-up. When barking is the result of anxiety, the creation of a comfort or “quiet” zone may do the trick. Setting aside a small area with a comfortable bed, toys and even a white noise machine may help to relieve anxiety many dogs undergo when owners are away from home.


• Training. Training can be a lengthy process, though taking the time to teach your dog when to speak, be quiet or move away from bark-inducing triggers may provide years of bark-reduced living.

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