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Clayton Perlman: Top Reasons Why You Should Run Your Own Business

Every year, approximately 600,000 new businesses are formed in the United States. Ten years ago, Clayton Perlman started his own real estate development company and is now the owner of several Limited Liability Companies in New Jersey. Here are some of the top reasons why you should run your own business.

1.       You are in charge of your own destiny. When you own your own business, you are able to make your own decisions about what to do with your day. As the driver, you get to make the decisions on how to steer your company into the future.

2.       As a business owner, you gain more flexibility. You get to set your own hours and work where you choose. The flexibility that comes with owning your own business also allows you to set your own priorities.

3.       You get to choose who you work with. As the boss, you are able to hire people that will fit best with the company culture and surround yourself with positive people.

4.       Even though you are the one that is having to take the risks, you also get to reap the rewards, and the harder you work the more rewards to can reap.

5.       You get to follow your passion. When you get to do what you love, the long hours it takes to build your business don’t feel long.

Running your own business takes a lot of work and dedication, but when you build a successful business, the effort is worth it. Clayton Perlman is the owner of several Limited Liability Companies in New Jersey.

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