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Clayton Perlman: Tips for Keeping Your Boat Maintained

Clayton Perlman is a recreational motorcycle rider who enjoys participating in motocross style events. He also enjoys spending time on the water and is always looking for ways to spend more time on his boat.

Here are some tips for preparing the boat for winter:-

1. Change your oil to get rid of the water and acids that have gotten into the oil. Be sure to flush the filter, before adding the new oil.

2. Remove the coolant and flush the system with water. To prevent your engine from freezing, add new coolant that is diluted to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

3. Spray your engine with fogging oil through the spark plug holes or carburetor. This will keep the moving parts of your engine protected from the cold.

4. Loosen or completely remove the drive belts to prevent them from cracking under the stress.

5. Add waterproof grease to the steering mechanism, making sure the joints are covered.

6. Disconnect the battery and top it off with distilled water. Periodically throughout the winter, you'll want to charge the battery so that it is ready to go the next time you put your boat in the water.

7. Avoid condensation from building up on the empty gas tank by filling it with gas. Condensation can cause your tank to corrode or freeze.

8. To keep pests from finding a new home in your engine, be sure to seal all exhaust ports with duct tape.

9. Remove any electronics on the boat as they are especially vulnerable to the extreme temperatures of winter, as well as moisture. Remove any organic material on the boat, this includes anything that is leather, canvas, or any other kind of fabric to avoid mold and mildew from forming.

10. Empty the water tanks and push some antifreeze through them to keep them from freezing and corroding.

11. To prevent rust from damaging the body of your boat, clean the inside and outside of the boat thoroughly and cover with wax. This is particularly important if you are storing your boat outside.

12. Whether you are storing your boat inside or outside, you want to place a cover over it. This will protect it from dust, dirt, and grime.

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