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Clayton Perlman: Steps for Winterizing Your Boat

As someone who owns a boat, Clayton Perlman understands the importance of proper boat maintenance – that which is essential not only to keep the vessel in good condition, but also to ensure proper function and a longer lifespan. Over time, regular, effective maintenance can pay off in dividends – extending its usefulness, reducing the need for future repair and mitigating the vessel’s impact on the owner’s wallet for years to come.


As Clayton Perlman knows, proper maintenance is particularly important prior to the colder winter months – that which helps prevent damage and protects the vessel’s integrity throughout periods of harsh weather. Proper boat winterization involves:


• A full cleaning. Before putting your boat into storage for the season, be sure to perform a full cleaning – one that removes all traces of dirt, salt or chemicals that can lead to erosion and damage during the long winter season.


• Lifting it up. Using lifts to elevate your boat before winter helps to prevent the damage often caused by rain, snow, ice and ground moisture – a simple but important first step in the winterization process.


• Proper coverage. Purchasing an adequate cover – and replacing it when it becomes damaged – provides your boat a crucial layer of protection from the elements. Be sure your cover fits snug over your vessel and is tied down tightly.

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