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Clayton Perlman: Should You Get a Dog?

Clayton Perlman: Should You Get a Dog?

Clayton Perlman is many things, but above almost all else, he is a dog person. As any dog owner will tell you, canine companionship makes like brighter, happier and more worthwhile. This isn’t conjecture – its scientific fact.

One primary benefit that dog owners like Clayton Perlman receive from their four legged friends is oxytocin, or the happy hormone. Just looking at your dog increases oxytocin levels, promoting lightheartedness and happier emotions. There are many other benefits, too, some of which are touched on below:

· Dogs Can Make You More Caring

Dogs are thought to have an “infant schema” that brings out the caregiver response in humans. What this means is that the big eyes, high forehead, floppy ears and short snout of your average puppy imitates that of a human baby in your brain. This can elicit your caregiver response, strengthening your compassion.

· Dogs Are Stress Busters

Spending time with a dog reduces your stress response, lowering blood pressure and helping you relax. Just having a dog in the room with you has been shown to produce this effect, and spending time with a furry friend could help even more.

· Dogs Can Help With Trauma

Owning a dog during a time of crisis can help you recover faster and healthier than you might otherwise. From losing a family member to suffering a traumatic or violent event, spending time with a dog can help your mind heal.

If you don’t share your life with a dog, consider taking a trip to a local shelter and joining countless owners like Clayton Perlman in leading happier, healthier lives.

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