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Clayton Perlman: Reasons for Adopting a Rescue Pet

Longtime New Jersey resident and professional Clayton Perlman enjoys little more than spending time with his dog. And as a longtime dog owner and enthusiast, Perlman has come to appreciate the value not only of owning a pet, but of seeking out the company of a rescue animal – an experience that can have a positive impact on the community, and which can change your life in incredible, immeasurable ways.


As Clayton Perlman knows, adopting a rescue dog or cat can have many benefits for both the individual and the local community. These include:


• The opportunity to save a life. Many shelters and rescue operations are overburdened with too many animals – and must euthanize many dogs and cats due to lack of space or funding. Adopting a rescue dog or cat helps to remove one more life from such a fate – giving that animal a new lease on life and the chance to live with a loving family.


• Better training and care than breeder pets. Rescue animals are often better trained and cared for than breeder animals – a quality that leads to faster acclimation to a new home and family.


• Affordability. Shelter dogs and cats tend to be much more affordable than those found at the local pet store. And when you pay for a rescue animal, you’re putting money back into a system that provides much-needed care to abandoned, abused and neglected animals throughout the local community.



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