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Clayton Perlman: How to Properly Maintain Your Guitar

There’s little that Clayton Perlman enjoys more than an evening of strumming away on his guitar – an activity that provides Perlman a much-needed source of stress relief, relaxation and outlet for creativity. A New Jersey resident and business professional, Perlman is continually rewarded by the experience of playing and creating music alongside his trusty six-string in the privacy of his home.


And as someone who appreciates the benefits of playing guitar, Clayton Perlman understands the importance of proper and regular guitar maintenance – that which ensures the instrument not only retains its value, but to also guarantee its production of high-quality sound and great tunes for years to come.


To keep any acoustic performing at its best, it’s important to:


• Understand local humidity. Your guitar is most likely made of wood, a material that makes it highly susceptible to the effects of moisture. High levels of moisture can lead to swelling and can impact the intonation, while high levels of dryness can lead to warping or cracks along the neck or top.

To mitigate the impact of moisture – or the lack thereof – it’s important to maintain a stable environment for your guitar, one where relative humidity and temperature are well regulated.


• Clean your guitar carefully and often. Cleaning is one of the basics of guitar maintenance – but it’s also one of the most important. A regular cleaning with a clean, dry piece of cloth goes a long way toward removing the natural oils, sweat and dead skin that can impact its look and play-ability down the road.

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