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Clayton Perlman: Fishing Tips for Beginners

Clayton Perlman is a partner at Browns Point Marina in Keyport, New Jersey. Clayton Perlman has always enjoyed being on the water and loves when he can get out on his boat and do some fishing. If you are thinking about taking up fishing, here are some top tips to help ensure you have a successful day fishing.

Fishing Tips for Beginners:

1. Before you head out for the first time, you want to do your research so you know what you are getting yourself into.

2. After gaining an understanding of what fishing is all about, you’ll need to understand the basic procedures that fishing requires. You need to become familiar with how to add bait to your hook, how to cast a line, and how to tie knots, before heading out.

3. Make sure you have chosen the right equipment for your skill level. As a beginner, you’ll benefit from using a specific rod and reels that are designed for someone who is just beginning to learn how to cast.

4. Know what kind of fish you are trying to catch and which bait will attract them. If you end up using the wrong bait, you could end up having a very long day.

5. Check the weather before you leave, you will have better luck catching fish when the sky is overcast. While you will still catch some fish in other weather conditions, overcast skies tend to bring the fish out.

Once you master these steps you will find yourself catching fish in no time. The only way to become a seasoned fisherman is with practice and patience. Clayton Perlman, a real estate developer in New Jersey, has been enjoying the sport of fishing for many years.

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