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Clayton Perlman: Dog Grooming Tips for the Overwhelmed Pet Owner

As a dog owner and enthusiast, Clayton Perlman understands the challenges that often come with keeping your favorite furry friend clean, healthy and looking their best. And while grooming one’s canine companion at home is a good way to avoid the expense of a grooming professional, it can also be quite the time-consuming endeavor – particularly for those with dogs who just can’t sit still throughout the cleaning and clipping process.


Clayton Perlman understands how hard it can be to properly groom your furry friend – though he also understands how a few simple tweaks to your grooming routine can help ensure a smoother and faster grooming process both now and in the future. Tips for making home grooming just a little bit easier include:


• Having the right tools. Proper grooming techniques require the right grooming tools. Taking the time to equip yourself with such items as nail trimmers, clippers, brushes and combs, scissors, shampoo and more can help you cover your bases during the next grooming session.


• Creating a grooming area. Setting aside a space in your garage, bathroom or patio for pet grooming can provide you the station you need to better control the mess and the hassle that often result from cleaning up your pet. An inexpensive grooming can also help reduce the physical strain of grooming while providing your pooch something familiar to return to and sit on once grooming time comes around.

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